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2022 12-Month Wall Calendar

2022 12-Month Wall Calendar

Order my calendar from this year's limited printing of only 100 copies!
My yearly 12-month wall calendars feature my best images from the past year of shoots. Preview the inside pages.

This calendar is ready to hang on your wall, and also makes a great gift for lovers of nature or photography! The pages measure 8.5"x11", and hangs open at 17"x11".

The stunning destinations from this year include Iceland, North Dakota, Utah, Oregon, and the New England States.

In a yearly tradition, the choice of calendar images was made by the readers of my newsletter, who picked their 13 favorite images in a survey from a pool of nominees that I selected. The most popular image became the cover, and the next 12 most popular choices became the monthly images.

$16 per calendar + $8.00 flat rate shipping. I can ship up to 5 calendars in one package for the same shipping cost.