Private Photography Lessons in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona, and Online Tutoring

So you have this fancy digital camera sitting around the house, and you have no idea what to do with it?  Or perhaps you already know how to use a camera and can even take some decent pictures, but you'd like to take your photography to the next level and become more of an artist?  Either way, I can help. 

I'm currently offering private one-on-one instruction in digital photography for all ability levels.  Lessons can be done on-location if you have a scenic spot in mind that you've been itching to get a great photograph of, such as the Arboretum, the nearby National Monuments, or a view of the San Francisco Peaks, or even learning camera fundamentals in your own home. If you're a beginner, you'll learn how to use your own equipment better, and how to understand light and composition to make your photographs rise above the typical "bland" snapshots.  If you already have the fundamentals down, you'll learn more advanced skills like how to utilize natural and artificial light more effectively, whether indoors or outdoors, how to use advanced equipment like off-camera flashes or macro equipment, and digital post-processing techniques, with the goal of truly transforming your pictures into photographs you can be proud of. 

I can create a lesson package to suit any budget, skill level, and degree of commitment. 

My basic rates for private lessons are:

  • $195 for a two-hour lesson for one person

  • $250 for a two-hour lesson for two people

  • $400 for a one-day private workshop for one or two people.  This generally consists of two shoots in one day, which could include a sunrise and a morning shoot, or an afternoon and a sunset, or a sunset and a night shoot 

These rates apply to locations within 45 minutes (approximately) of Flagstaff, AZ.  Additional charges apply for my travel to further locations. 

I also offer online tutoring and image critique if you wish to improve your editing skills or need help bringing out the best in your photos.

For more information, or to book lessons, contact me!


Paul Nguyen