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People have the power to change their own perceptions, whether it be their perception of themselves or that of the world around them. Since everything that we experience in our lives must pass through the filter of our perception, changing our perception essentially changes our reality. A simple flip of a switch in the mind can make purples more vivid, life more gratifying, and challenges less daunting than ever before. And the only thing that it really takes for that to happen is your choice; a simple choice to alter the way you see the world that in fact changes the world around you in a tangible way.
Photography is an alternate way of perceiving the world that I’ve embraced since I was 12 years old. Comparing the world as seen through a lens with how it is seen through the eyes or through our memories has allowed me to realize that nothing is definite, nothing is final, and nothing is seen the same way twice. By sharing with others these images and moments captured through a lens, I hope to provide people with the inspiration to believe that their own lives are not static and set in stone, but instead are dynamic stories with infinite possibilities at every moment.

Photographs are the dreams we have about the things we’ve seen.


Professional Photographer Paul Nguyen is a native of Massachusetts with over 28 years of experience in film and digital photography.  He currently specializes in digital photography of natural landscapes and wildlife from New England and around the world.

In April 2017, he served in the prestigious National Parks Artist in Residence program, at Petrified Forest, Arizona. His work also includes an exclusive assignment as the photographer for the Gallery on the Charles River at the Museum of Science, Boston.  His images have been licensed by organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, Tamron USA, Amazing New England Artworks, and numerous local and international publications, and his outstanding image-making and teaching have gained him an equipment sponsorship from Tamron USA.

As an independent photographer, his travels have taken him as far as New Zealand, Asia, Iceland, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and coast to coast within North America, and he turns his captured images into fine art pieces that will beautify any living or work space. He employs many advanced techniques to create his art, including extreme long exposures, low-light and night photography, and “light painting”.  

Paul lives and works out of Hanson, MA, and can be seen promoting and selling his work at art shows and fairs in New England throughout the year, and is also a lecturer and contest judge for local camera clubs. The Boston Camera Club awarded him Judge of the Year honors for 2015-2016.  He offers local and destination photography workshops through his business, BlueHour Photo Ventures, as well as private one-on-one instruction.

Travel and improve your photography with Paul on-location at some of the most amazing outdoor destinations on earth with BlueHour Photo Ventures.


Check out Paul's successful Kickstarter campaign with BlueHour to raise money to scout Glacier, Banff, and Yoho National Parks in August 2015 to create a new series of workshops, and make some truly unique images to promote the workshops.  BlueHour set a target of $3,500, and raised $4,305 in 4 weeks, ending on June 4, 2015

Paul is currently offering private one-one photography lessons and tutoring for photographers of all ability levels in the South Shore area of Massachusetts. He is also available for speaking engagements and commissioned work. 


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